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Mackie Mix12FX

Mackie Mix12FX

The Mackie Mix12FX series offers a world class compact mixer, with both professional and affordable components, making this perfect for a variety of applications. Mackie preamps are installed for large head room and low noise design, giving great sound from every source. With high-sound quality, perfect mix of different necessary features with great sound, this mixer is the solid investment at low cost; worthy of Mackie’s 25 year legacy of mixer production.

The Mackie Mix12FX edition is a 12-channel compact mixer; 4 mic/line input with studio quality, 3-band EQ with crystal clear tone control, low cut filer (75Hz), 48+ Phantom Power for condenser mics, 4 stereo ¼” line inputs (+4/-10dB operation), and 1 aux send with stereo returns. This unit has dedicated stereo RCA inputs for playback, 60mm fader for Main L/R outputs, headphone output with separate volume control and most of all extreme portability and is incredibly compact. This units speciality comes from its 12 world class integrated effects, with large and short reverbs, modulated choruses, and versatile delays.

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